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Hello There fellow cyber earth-people, and welcome to my ongoing herbal healing page...  Since this is the time of year when folks come down with colds, flus, and viruses, i'll be giving a recipe of a chinese herb that builds the immune system.                i feel that health and healing are  so vital to human life that taking one's own health into their own hands is the first and foremost responsibility of every fellow human being to themselves.              I not only became a vegetarian in nursing  school, but i started learning about alternative medicine as well as  experimenting with  the mucus-diet healing system by Arnold Ehret.  Through my experimentations with this diet, i found that what Ehret discovered was actually how to heal oneself thru the mucusless diet supplemented with fasting and exercise.  i experienced he was right!  The body is an incredibly amazing  entity, in that given the chance it can heal  anything!.....My newly  discovered  insights were very clear to, health, and healing are so connected; not only health of the body,  but of the mind too, for mind and body are one and the same, there's no separation.....So i quit nursing school 2 weeks before graduation and started studying natural healing through foods, herbs, and raw juices over the last  25 years, doing extensive intensive fasts...and i'm still learning!  One  important  lesson learned is that the human body is a highly sophisticated organism and knows  precisely what to do at any given moment that a knowledge of   healing is very key in inabling the body to do what in needs to do  to correct the imbalances.  

Once on a 30 day fast  it  came very clear "don't mess with mother nature"!  i've read stories of  people breaking their fasts wrong and died.  Like eating boiled potatoes after a three week fast... it's like knowing not to jump in a dog fight to break it up... you just don't do that!?!  so like anything you read an instruction manual, learn how  the body works, how to care for it and maintain it, keeping it well lubed so it will serve you a long time.  Health is Wealth!~~~  Herbs were a large focus in my studies for i've seen them working in the healing process and that was enough to convivce me to start tincturing and making my own medicines in 1989.  Today i tincture whenever i can in my busy schedule and on the New Moon.  i like to take my tinctures straight  and i want them to taste good.  i like to add  licorice not only for i'ts sweet taste, but licorice is good for the adrenals and the brain.  The way i've approached my combinations of herbs is through reading about the herbs for a particular disease, tonic, or preventative.  Then i combine those herbs together using my intuition for the amounts of each herb; sometimes it's what i have on hand!   The Proportions are:  4 oz. herbs to 1 pint of vodka and good  water.  

RECIEPE:  4 oz. Astragulus (high grade also found in chinatown)  1 pint (2 c) of 80 proof vodka  and about 1 c of R/O water.  Crush the astragulus up a little with your hands and pack in a wide mouth dark colored jar.  Add vodka and water, cap, shake, lable, and keep in a dark place for 2 weeks shaking twice a day.  Put up on the New Moon and pour off on the Full Moon.  The moon's waxing helps the extraction process too in extracting the alkaloids.  Strain through a pourous clean cloth  and press out all the liquid.  Pour into a small  bottle and keep the rest in a dark colored bottle, and take from it.

To be continued.......


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