Breath of Spirit
Jesse Kalu profile by: Diana James

Gently & powerfully, song reaches into the depths of my heart, echoing off the ancient walls of red
rock canyons. Coyotes call while birds soar overhead. Ocean waves dance with the wind and thunder.
Whales move in silent power & grace beneath the surface, while the far-away cry of an eagle is heard.
A feeling of profound connected-ness to all that is, permeates my being as the music ends, and the
simple prayer is heard, 'Peace to your journey, love & light to your path, one in spirit, journey well'.
This whole experience of sound & Spirit, is produced by one man sitting quietly, in the center
of a musical vortex & colorful imagery, playing his own hand-crafted bamboo flutes.

The story of my friend & brother of the heart Jesse, is a story of Spirit, finding joyous expression
in the life-paths of individual human beings, who have actualized their dreams. As a native chamorru
of the Mariana Islands, Jesse lived his early years on a tropical territory of the U.S. in the northern
pacific. Jesse remembers playing in his village bamboo grove as a child at the age of 4, and
being treated by his native elders with herbal & natural medicines whenever he was ill.
It was then, he began to hear the melodies within, that 'danced in his heart'.

Jesse has lived and ventured in America, traveling through every state since 1976. The great
vastness of the land, moved him to continue. Then in the red canyons of Sedona Arizona, Jesse
felt he was finally home. His move to Sedona in June of 91, led to such profound experiences
suddenly unfolding. That summer, yet to read or write music, his first time playing flutes,
echoed in the heart of Boynton Canyon. In 92 with Sedona bamboo, he began
making & naming his flutes to reflect, the inherent peace of the heart.

Then somehow, Jesse discovered wildlife calls and nature sounds through his flutes. Also,
to sing in his native language, Chamorru. By 93, presenting his flute concerts locally in Sedona.
Then in 1994, began sharing throughout the U.S. & Internationally, his Heartfelt Presentation:
with bamboo flutes, story, poetry & nature voices. In Jan. of 95, he was invited to share
at a Yoga for World Peace Conference in Jerusalem, Israel. In 1996 through 2002,
he toured several times in Austria, Germany & Switzerland. As he continues
to present heart to heart, somehow he is able to play & create native
american style flutes, from bamboo growing wild in Sedona.

Jesse has not trained nor understands technical music theory. Melodies from the heart,
touchs his audiences in unique ways. Each flute has its name & song. Emanating through
his hand-crafted flutes, are the wildlife calls of: doves, quails, loons, hawk, owl, seagulls,
dolphins, whales, coyotes, wolf, elk & more. We attended Jesse's flute concert in the
Spring of 97, at a book store in Sedona. Looking out at red rock panoramas along
with the music, evoking the ancient memories of gentle times living in creative
harmony with nature & each other. I wiIl never forget my first experience
with Jesse's Art, and I've heard him play & sing many times since.

We ended up staying in Sedona, spending most of our time early on in Jesse's
home. He led us on countless walks on the land to secret & sacred places, always
bringing one of his flutes along. We'd get to the top of an arduous climb, and he
would disappear! Then we'd hear his enchanting music, echoing off majestic
canyons, weaving songs of the land itself. For me, Jesse's music is a
bridge to many cultures, times & places. Yet, always centered
Here & Now. I've experienced something different, every
time I've entered the sacred space he creates.

Heartfelt Presentation: Echoes of Silence. Inherent Peace of the Heart.
Before thoughts. Beyond words. Closer than your Heartbeat.

Story, Poetry & Wildlife Reflections. Heartfelt Flutes made of Sedona Bamboo.
FREE (half hour) Journeys of the Heart, in Sedona Arizona.

Current Ongoing Weekly Concerts, as of March 2019.

 Wednesdays, 5p Sedona Pines Resort 6701 W SR 89A (928) 282-6640

Saturdays, 5p Sedona Pines Resort 6701 W SR 89A (928) 282-6640
Sundays, 5p Wyndham Sedona 1500 Kestrel Cir (928) 203-1026

Concert Tour 2002
Meersburg, Germany Mar 23 & 24 "New Spirit Naturals" 49 7555 929843
Towaoc, Colorado Jun 7 & 8 "Ute Mountain Art & Music Festival" (800) 258-8007
Redmond, Washington Aug 16 "Awakening Young Masters Camp" (425) 823-4692
Tallahassee, Florida Sep 29 "Unity of Tallahassee" (850) 562-5744
Sacramento, California Oct 11"John Reith Elem. School" (916) 399-0110

Concert Tour 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 26 "Lohan School of Shaolin" (702) 364-5875
Newberg, Oregon Jul 17 "Dancing Trees Sanctuary" (503) 537-0749
Port Angeles, Washington Jul 20 "Unity in the Olympics" (360) 457-3981
Crestone, Colorado Nov 13 "Shambala Center" (719) 256-4959
Taos, New Mexico Nov 15 "Taos Jewish Center" (505) 758-8615

Concert Tour 2005
Springdale, Utah Oct 7 "Zion Canyon Art & Flute Festival" (435) 772-3434

Concert Tour 2006
Flower Mound, Texas Jun 28 "Yoga Island" (972) 724-9642
Springdale, Utah Oct 13 & 14 "Zion Canyon Art & Flute Festival" (435) 772-3434
Scottsdale, Arizona Nov 30 - Dec 8 "Desert Botanical Garden" (480) 941-1225

Concert Tour 2007
Springdale, Utah Jun 9 "Zion Canyon Art & Flute Festival" (435) 772-3434
Lakeside, Arizona Aug 19 "Unity of the White Mountains" (928) 367-0822
Mesquite, Nevada Oct 15 & 16 "Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery" (702) 346-1338

Concert Tour 2008
St. George, Utah Feb 12 "Sun River Com. Ctr." (435) 773-4100
Springdale, Utah Jun 13-15 "Zion Cyn. Art & Flute Fest." (435) 772-3434
St. George, Utah Jun 14 "Green Valley Spa & Resort" (435) 986-5095
Ivins, Utah Jun 15 "Red Mountain Spa" (435) 669-5378

Concert Tour 2009
Oceanside, California Feb 26 "Inner Strength Yoga" (760) 822-1348
Encinitas, California Feb 27 "Yoga Swami" (760) 944-1166
Sierra Madre, CA Apr 5 "Foothill Ctr. for Spiritual Living" (626) 836-2022
Ivins, Utah May 15 (3p) "Zion Flute & Drum Fest." (435) 680-2629
Virgin, Utah May 15 (8p) "Zion River Resort" (435) 635-8594

"If you ever spent quiet time in the vast empty space of the southwestern desert, you will understand
the essence of Jesse Kalu's meditative journey. One in Spirit
brings the sweet sounds of nature alive
through Jesse's mystical hand-made bamboo flutes. The dolphins, whales, hawk & eagle, gently call
out to your spirit, slowing your mind and inviting you into the ancient wisdom of nature's heart. The
healing powers of this recording vibrates into the center of your soul to melt away the tensions of
your mind and emotions. The flow of the flute melodies transports your spirit to the magical red
rocks of Sedona AZ, where this sound therapy was inspired & developed. Peace, tranquility,
and transcendence, is the experience that One in Spirit
Michael Silveria, Whole Life Times.

  For CDs of:
  * "ONE IN SPIRIT"  Jesse Kalu. Melodies from the heart & nature voices
        through native style flutes made of bamboo from Sedona Arizona.
To hear sound clips & order now click here.

  * "Sedona LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOUR PATH"  Jesse Kalu & Alexander
              Live studio improvisations with bamboo flutes & keyboards.
To hear sound clips & order now click here.
  * "One Heart, Live in Sedona"  Jesse Kalu, ThunderBeat & John Dumas
           Live Concert improvs. with bamboo flutes, drums & didgeridoos.
To hear sound clips & order now click here.

  * "Heartfelt Presentation in Sedona Arizona"  Jesse Kalu Concert CD.
   Heart to heart, with bamboo flutes, story,
poetry & nature voices.
To hear sound clips & order now
click here.

  Domestic & International Tours.
Also Weddings, Home Concerts, Retreats & Sedona Sights.

Jesse Kalu 2675 W. SR 89A #1120 Sedona AZ 86336
(928) 204-1867 ~

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