Mark Rankin's Interchangable Fretboards

Mark Rankin can provide interchangeable fretboards.
There are several reasons why this if very special:

One: You can have a guitar (or other fretted instrument) that can play in precision, natural tuning called Just Intonation.
Two: You can have fretboards with exotic, non-western scales -how about a Persian or Uzbeck scale for example.
Three: You can have fretboards with experimental alternate tones per octave or microtonal scales.
Four: Within a matter of seconds you can be playing with a different fretboard.

The interchangables are made of a laminate of 4 separate layers.

 The kit comes with everything you need to do it youself;
(the materials, a manual and custom templates for the fretboards)
Or have a luthier do it for you --if you are not confident in your skills.

The Basics:
 the frets removed; the neck routed down a tenth of an inch;
a steel plate a tenth of an inch is then lamenated on the neck;
the set of magnetic fretboards that snap onto the steel plate
are made with a laminate of a ruberized magnetic bottom layer
followed by a  thin layer of stainless steel for the 'stiffiner';
then a lamination of two layers of thin lexan (very tough stuff);
the first has the slots cut in for holding the bases of the frets;
the top layer for covering the bases of the frets.
You can get the picture when you understand that
a cross-section of a fret is shaped like an upside down 'T"
(The rubberized magnetic layer is how the interchangable
fretboards snap onto the metal plate on the neck.)
And most of the frets will be staggered (not just straight across)
 --in order to achieve the precision, just intonation tuning.

Rankin Interchangeable Fretboards

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